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Testimonials of Sushil IVF

Asif Mulla

Best hospital for normal delivery in sangli. Both Doctors Subhash Patil and Sushant Patil are very kind and having good experience.They were very polite and gave confidence to patient. Taking all precautions in pandemic COVID-19 situation. Facility package is cheap comparatively. Staff is well experienced and cooperative. Overall experience was good.Highly recommend the Sushil Hospital for maternity care. You will be in safe hand. Thanks again.

Pavitra Sawant

My daughter Ashwini Nagaonkar has been delivered at your hospital on 31/07/2021. We choose this hospital for my daughters delivery. Amazing experience it was. Dr. Sir his all staff is very cooperative. Cleaning facility is very good. Must visit.

Sangeeta Kelagade

My daughter Priyanka Masal delivered female child at your hospital on 27/07/2021. All staff is good. Dr. Is best. Cleaning service is good. In Corona situation all staff taking precautions. Must visit this hospital.

Nikhil Patil

Excellent hospital with the excellent staff …One Of the Best Hospital in Sangli Area with Modern Technology. Thank you so much for doing such an amazing job with delivering our sweet baby Girl! You are an amazing doctor and a beautiful person " we cannot put into words our gratitude for everything you have done for our family. Thank you so much for your treatment and your consultation, Im forever grateful to you, youve been such a kind and caring doctor for me during my time of need, thank you for doing everything that you do and helping during a hard time,. I appreciate you for taking time out and engaging with your patients.. .. Thank you Dr. Subhash Patil,. , Dr, Sushant Patil and your entire whole team. From Tejaswini Patil, Nikhil Patil

Sandeep Kulkarni

Words fall short to describe how grateful & thankful I am to doctor for insisting on normal delivery and performing it successfully! Dr. Subhash Patil is one of the most dedicated, genuine & experienced doctor I have met, who will go an extra mile to make sure both mother, baby are doing good and you have a normal delivery. I have complete faith in doctor and his team!! In these tough Covid times hospital staff has taken utmost care by maintaining safe, clean & hygienic environment. Hospital rooms are very spacious, clean and hygienic. I highly recommend anyone who is looking for one-stop complete maternity care to visit Sushil hospital and be assured that youre in safe & best hands. Thanks again to doctor for delivering me the most precious gift of my life!??

Jay Shah

Best doctor and best staff 100% satisfaction my wife got a normal delivery as I was said by doctor earlier before labor. My wife had pain late night still doctor sir personally came to see the patient over all best doctor in sangli and surly will suggest to everyone.... Thank you sir and all the staff. Hospital is also good clean neat and taken care of hygiene. Rooms are big enough and spacious the policy of hospital are a big on tough side for relatives but it is all done for patients health to progress and keep them away from infection.... If one want a happy family then some where u have to adjust still I am happy by doing so as my baby and my wife are both healthy.

Nitin Koshti

1. Doctor is very experienced and knowledgeable. 2. Rooms are clean and with good facility 3. Staff is good. 4. Overall costs for every type of delivery and other women-related issues are very reasonable. Its good for all types of economical people. Suggestion 1. Need Bell facility in ICU room to call the sister or staff. As ICU dont allow family members. The patient cant call itself for any staff. 2. Need some more flexibility to book an appointment.

Shravan Mandhana

Dr. Subhash Patil Sir, Dr. Sushant, Dr. Pallavi, and all the other Staff members are very cooperative. If you are Pregnant, Want to be Pregnant, or Want to deliver a baby. Dont think twice. Just visit Sushil Maternity Hospital and you will be fine ??

Siddhi Ajagaonkar

Dr. Subhash patil sir is extremely knowledgeable, he makes sure that one gets all their doubts cleared, promotes normal delivery which I was least confident about, but it was well taken care of. Some of the staff members there need to learn how to talk to ppl visiting the hospital. Especially those women who are outside dr’s cabin. Very rude and disrespectful towards patients and relatives. Ask them a simple query, they will answer u in a rude manner. Rest, Everything is good!

Abhay Vibhute

Best hospital in sangli district for having normal delivery. Both doctors are fully experienced and have full of knowledge in their field. Have no words. They used to insist for normal delivery. Doctors took every care of patient. They are down to earth, so polite. Staff is also very good. Hospital was clean and tidy. Overall nice experience. Thanks a lot doctors.

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