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What is infertility?

Infertility is “the inability to conceive after 12 months of unprotected intercourse.” This means that a couple is not able to become pregnant after a year of trying. However, for women aged 35 and older, inability to conceive after 6 months is generally considered infertility.

You Need to Know About Infertility

Symptoms Of Infertility

The main symptom of infertility is not getting pregnant. There may be no other obvious symptoms. Sometimes, women with infertility may have irregular or absent menstrual periods. In some cases, men with infertility may have some signs of hormonal problems, such as changes in hair growth or sexual function. Most couples will eventually conceive, with or without treatment.

Types Of Infertility

Primary Infertility

A woman who was never pregnant and who can’t conceive after one year of not using birth control.

Secondary Infertility

Secondary infertility is similar to other types of infertility and shares many of the same signs. However, in secondary infertility you’re unable to conceive or carry a baby to full-term after having a previous successful pregnancy. Infertility can be caused by either the man or woman. Treatment options can include medications to induce ovulation, in vitro fertilization (IVF) or surgery.

Male Infertility Causes

Male factors are responsible in about 40% of infertile couples. Male factors can include low sperm count, abnormal sperm appearance, blocked sperm ducts, or poor motility of the sperm. Few secondary infertility causes in males include overexposure to pesticides as well as other chemicals. Overconsumption of tobacco, alcohol, or other recreational drugs can lead to infertility. Physical injuries in reproductive organs can also lead to infertility issues in men.

Female Infertility Causes

An additional 40% of infertile couples have problems traced to the female partner. These can include irregular or absent ovulation, blockages in the Fallopian tubes, or abnormalities in the reproductive organs. In the remaining 20% of infertile couples, no specific cause can be found. Blocked Fallopian tube due to inflammation is yet another one of the major issues behind infertility causes in women. Unwanted growth of endometriosis cells surrounding the uterus can also cause infertility. Pelvic adhesions are quite dangerous for fertility. Band scar tissue binding organs or abdominal surgery can give rise to infertility issues.